Policy on a Smart Phone

Open purely to ETH students and staff, the ETH Policy Challenge will harness the collective intelligence of ETH Zurich students and scientists in support of governmental and non-governmental efforts – policies – which aim to solve important societal problems worldwide. It is organized by ETH's Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP).

The challenge is to design a feasible and sustainable technology-enabled policy application for citizen science, based on input from various scientific disciplines.

This first edition of this ETH Policy Challenge invites students and scientists from all areas of ETH to participate in a competition focusing on Citizen Science for public policy.

This involves:
• Identification of an important societal problem where citizen science could be helpful in designing and implementing an effective and efficient solution.

• Designing (prototype) technologies and methodologies that allow citizen communities to use scientific methods and tools supporting the problem solving effort.

• Developing a plan for such a citizen science program that is legally, politically, economically, and socially feasible and sustainable, and that can empower communities of citizens by engaging them in research that contributes to evidence-based and effective policy-making.


Registration deadline for Groups (25th July)

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