Exemplary Projects

Web-based Projects

• EyeWire: A Game to Map the Brain
• Galaxy Zoo: A Crowdsourced Astronomy Project
• Galaxy Zoo: A Zooniverse Project Blog
ISEE-3 Reboot Project: Crowdsourcing Spacecraft Data (RocketHub)
Patients Like Me: A Healthcare Advocacy Project


Community-based Projects

Community Project, Air Quality Monitoring: Newark, New Jersey (EPA Video)
Community Project, Air Quality Monitoring: South Bronx, New York (EPA Video)
Community Project, Air Quality Monitoring: Tonawanda, New York (EPA Video)


Field-based Projects

Crowdsourcing and Government: Case Studies
HHS Uses Crowdsourcing in Booming mHealth Industry (DigitalGov)
Neighborhood Nestwatch (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center)
School of Ants: Project for School Children


Serious Games

EyeWire: A Game to Map the Brain
FoldIt: A Game to Solve Puzzles for Science
Gaming for (Citizen) Science (IEEE eScience Conference)
Old Weather: Transcribing Ship Logs for Climate Modeling
What Is Gamification? (Citizen Cyberlab)



Foundation Directory (Foundation Center)
Guide to Online Fundraising Campaigns and Crowdfunding Platforms
Kickstarter: A Global Crowdfunding Platform
National Science Foundation Funding and Awards
• Entrepreneurial activity
• Collaboration with a for-profit company


Project Inventories

Citizen Science Projects (Scientific American)
CitSci.Org: Resources for Citizen Science project managers
SciStarter: Project Finder for Citizen Scientists
Wilson Center Commons Lab: Federal Projects Inventory
Zooniverse: A Citizen Science Web Platform