Team structure

Teams composed of 2-6 current undergraduate and graduate ETH students, including PhD students can participate. Each Team can include up to two senior ETH Staff (postdocs, senior researchers, scientific collaborators, professors). For each senior staff member there must be at least 2 students/PhD students participating. The Program encourages the formation of teams that integrate interdisciplinary teams (for example engineering, natural science, public policy, computer science, and other fields across ETHZ). Needs to be noted, that the Team unable to attend the final judging panel will be disqualified.


Selection of winners

Judgment of Jury Members will provide 70% of the vote. Public present in the room during the Final Presentations will provide 30% of the vote. Invited Jury Members will comprise of Citizen Science Experts and Policy Experts, representing various expertise areas (eg. energy/pharmaceutical/ecological). Members of the audience would submit the voting slip they received upon audience registration at the door.


Selection Criterion

• Game Changers: ambitious solutions that depart from status quo
• Impact-Orientation: Have significant impact. Analyzed and presented policy implications (social, economic, environmental, etc.)
• Technical: Make use of technology (not just a mobile application)
• Legally feasible: Comply with legal boundaries / suggest their necessary changes
• Politically feasible and ethically correct: Be feasible and possible to implement within the current political system
• Economically feasible: Take into account new business models, needed system developments and economics. Present the economics and funding mechanism of the proposed solution
• Feet on the Ground: Analyze feasibility of the application and the process of development
• Planned: Explain the pathway to successful implementation – both in terms of activities and costs (occurring in time)
• Addressing Challenge Considerations (further explained here: CHALLENGE CONSIDERATIONS)


Registration deadline for Groups (25th June)

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